Koba opens the blockchain gate to Hypercube’s new album of neuro-static vodoo sonic therapy, social declines and gravitational abstract enclosures.
Each NFT represents the journey we had into the minting process.
Each will grow in complexity as we get to the end (tot 6)

Each NFT has some extra data that needs to be put together in order to unlock the drop secret. you’ll need to collect a few in order to get the solution or you can trade or team up with others.

They’ll start at 0.01 eth. Don’t miss them.

You will receive the prize in form of NFT, what you’ll get needs to be sent to Koba on Twitter and if you’ve teamed up create a group convo.

20 STORAGE 0,01
18 VARIABLE 0.02
16 FUNCTION 0,03
14 EVENT  0,04
12 TOKEN  0,05
10 BID WAR 0,06